Step 1

Connect your Net-Blocker to your current router

net blocker diagram basic network

You will need to connect the Ethernet cable provided into one of the ports on your router. The other end connects to the WAN port of the Net-Blocker:

net blocker diagram basic network ethernet connection

You can now power up your Net-Blocker using the power supply provided

Step 2

Connect to your netblocker

You can either connect any device by ethernet to any of the LAN ports, or connect wirelessly to the Net-Blocker Network:

Windows 10

Click the wifi/networks icon in the taskbar and select Net-Blocker from the listnet blocker windows 10 network


(instructions coming soon...)


(instructions coming soon...)

Android Lollipop

Select Settings from the menu, select Wi-Fi. You will see a list of networks. Select Net-Blocker and blocker android phone network

Step 3

Open your browser at

Internet Explorer

net blocker internet explorer address bar

Google Chrome

net blocker google chrome address bar

Mozilla Firefox

net blocker mozilla firefox address bar

You can now follow the wizard to set up your Net-Blocker to your specifications

Step 4

Disable your current router's WiFi (if it is enabled)

Before you can use your Net-Blocker, you will need to disable your current router's wifi.
This will depend on your current router model, and needs to be done in your router's settings.
Please contact your router manufacturer or see their documentation for help if you do not know how to do this.

If you do not disable the router's wifi, users can simply bypass the Net-Blocker by connecting directly to the router.


Your Net-Blocker is now set up! You can now edit the settings and customise your internet access.