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Net-Blocker Pro - Take control of the internet.


Web Filter

Content filter with OpenDNS

App Filter




1 LAN RJ45
1 WAN RJ45 10/100


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Simply place the Net-Blocker between the Internet and the rest of your network to block unwanted sites and services.

You can attach a single access point to the LAN port, or multiple access points using a basic switch.

Reports summarise how your Internet connection is being used. Lists of connected users can be displayed together with a list of blocked events.

Can handle up to 50 devices at once

Bandwidth limiting features

Remote Management

increase productivity by blocking time-wasting websites

Protect your user-base

What you get in the box

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Web Filter

Simply enter websites into to a list to block access

net blocker web filter interface

Content Filter

open DNS logo

Block websites by catagory. Provided by OpenDNS

Choose from over 55 regularly maintained and updated catagories.

E.g. Adult, Dating, Alcohol, Academic Fraud etc.

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App Filter

Block P2P, Instant messaging and Video Streaming at the click of a button

net blocker app filter interface


Turn off the internet at set times just on the kids' devices

net blocker schedule interface

User Profiles

Set User Profiles Block access per user

net blocker schedule interface

Usage Monitor

Check internet usage see vital data about your net-blocker

net blocker schedule interface